Kitengela properties offers March 2016

Kitengela properties offers March 2016

Real Estate investment opportunities in Kitengela

In this issue, we feature investment opportunities in Kitengela in the month of March, ranging from bungalow houses, maisonettes, land and plots.

Kitengela continue to be a preference choice for real estate investment by people working in Nairobi, and this metropolitan town continues to grow at a fast rate.

Top New Listings for the month of March – houses

  • Bungalow house for sale in Kitengela in Milimani area at Kes 6.5m
  • 1 Bedrooms Apartments for sale in Kitengela at 3.3m.
  • 4 bedrooms Town houses for sale in Kitengela – lease hold @ 6.5m

Top investment opportunity for rental Apartments

A Block of Apartments near KCB with one bedrooms, bedsitters and single rooms. 40 units @ 13.5m /Rent 155k.

Gated communities – Townhouses

3 bedrooms/4 bedrooms houses for sale in gated community @ 10.9m/11.5m.

Isinya Plots – suitable for sub-division into plots or building residential houses.

A quick sale opportunity for a 2 acres land. The land is about 300 metres from Namanga road and is behind Isinya town. It is ideal for someone who would want to develop a rental complex, a commercial building or sub-divide into plots for sale. Asking kes 7.9m.


Oltoroto – Land suitable for sub-division into plots

2 Acres land for sale near Oltoroto town, and good for sub-division into plots. Retail of plots at 650k. Asking 5.9m.


Korrompoi – opposite Saitoti

Fenced ¼ Acre plots for sale near Korrompoi primary school. 2km from Namanga road at Kes 1.1 – 1.5m. Ideal for residential houses.

A Maisonette for sale at Kes 16m near Korrompoi Primary school


Near Saitoti

Plots for sale about 2km from the Tarmac at prices of Kes 750k – 1.5m.


Muigai Estate

¼ Acre plot for sale about 400 metres from Namanga road. Suitable for building own residences or developing two house units for sale. Asking price of Kes 3.7m.


Town Centre

Commercial plots for sale from Kes 15m – 17m suitable for building Apartments near Town centre.


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Festive Season property offers in Kenya

Festive Season property offers in Kenya

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you a happy and a prosperous 2016. We thank you for your continued support.

As we end the year, we take this opportunity to share with you our festive season offers. These includes top offers, and new listings.

For those vacationing at the Coast, you may want to have a look at a few exciting opportunities such as Diani Cottages for sale from 4.5m, Diani studio Apartments @ 3m, Kisimani Studio Apartments sold off plan from 1.5m, Diani 2 Acre plot on 3rd row @ 5m.

We have offers for Bamburi plots from 2.3m, 10 cottages for sale in Mayungu @ 27m, one bedroom cottage or sale in Malindi @ 5.7m, Ocean front plots in Mambrui from 4.5m per acre among other interesting offers.

Diani and Its Neighborhoods

We have Cottages and Apartments for sale in gated communities going for Kes 4.5m and 3m respectively.  Residential 5 acre plot @ 9m, ½ acre plots @ 2.1m, ½ acre plot @ 1.65m, and ocean front plots from Kes 11m. see Plots, Cottages, and cheap agricultural land

Malindi Residential Plots and houses

Top on the list are 1 bedroom cottage for sale in Malindi in gated community for $55,000, residential plot for sale in Malindi in Palm tree @ 7m, residential 1 acre plot in Mtangani at 6m – Quick sale, Gated development villas in Malindi @ 11.95m in Mtangani, and affordable plots in Kibokoni 3m/2.5m/1.9m, Mtangani 1.9m, Airport plots for sale at 590k among others. See more Malindi properties

Malindi holiday rentals

We have one bedroom cottages Kes 5,500, 2 bedrooms apartments to rent @7.5k, 4 bedrooms ocean front cottage @ 25k, large 4 bedrooms house @ 36k among others. See more Malindi properties

Maindi, Watamu, and Bofa  Ocean front properties

We have oceanfront properties in Mayungu, Mambrui, .. from as low as Kes 4m per acre to Kes 25m per acre. See Malindi properties page

Mayungu Top property – 10 cottages for 27m

An excellent offer, for 10 cottages for sale in Malindi Mayungu on second row with a shared pool , sitting on half an acre and with free hold title deed. Mayungu Malindi road is set to be tarmarked in 2016. See video1, video2

Uyombo Beach – fronting Watamu Bay

An ocean front property for sale in Watamu Uyombo Beach on 1 acre with great views. Good for a resort, motel or a restaurant. See videos. @ 27m. See Video

Bamburi Apartments and plots suitable for building Flats

Ready to occupy Apartments for sale in Bamburi from Kes 4.3m for 2 bedrooms, 5.2m for 3 bedrooms. Also, see new listings for plots suitable for developing rental flats. See Bamburi plots for sale from Kes 2.3m. See more Bamburi properties

Mombasa Christmas special – off plan – Studio Apartment offers from 1.5m

For a limited time only, we have a special offer for an off plan development. This is an off plan development in Kisimani with studio apartments for sale in Mombasa starting from 1.5m, 1 bedrooms from 2.5m, 2 bedrooms from 4.3m and 3 bedrooms from 5.3m. offers valid only in December. See more offers in Mombasa

In Nairobi and its environs

We have a commercial plot for sale in Runda with user-Kindergarten @ 70m, residentials in Runda @ 35m, Kiambu road houses at 27m-45m, residential plots in Gitaru near Kikuyu in the range of 5m. see main website

Isinya  – A special offer – 2 acres near Town @ Kes 5m per acre

We have a 6 Acre plot for sale very close to Isinya town at Kes 7m an acre. The sellers are willing to release 2 acres as a discounted price of Kes 5m per acre.


We have discounted residential apartments from Kes 4.7m, Bungalows from 5.5m, Gated community Maisonettes from 10.9m, Plots from Kes 1.7m. Kitengela Houses and Plots

We have 1/4 plots for sale in Kitengela at Korrompoi, 2km from Namanga road from Kes 1.3m – Kes 1.5m.


Top on the list is a 23 acre plot for sale in Longonot with a great view of both Lake Naivasha and Mount Longonot, 1 acre plot for sale at Naivasha Unity @ 3.5m, Longonot town plot+title @600k, and other cheaper plots from Kes 250k in Mai Mahiu area. See Naivasha properties


Good investment plots near Maasai Mara university from Kes 1.3m and farmlands from 300k a OL lulunga suitable for wheat farming. Narok Properties

Nakuru Town

Good commercial plots in Nakuru town for Apartments at between 21m – 30m, residential houses from 4.3m in Lanet area, affordable plots in Lanet from 590k, Block of Apartments with good rental ratio 12.5m with 115k rental income. Nakuru properties

Agricultural Land for sale in Nyandarua county

20 Acres plot for sale in Nyandarua, 14km from Murungaru town at Kes 400k per acre, suitable for farming, tree farming. See video. 30 Acres Land for sale in Murungaru – 5km from Murungaro town and about 300m from the main road, suitable for daily farming or buiding a rural residence with great views of Aberdare ranges. see video

Kangundo Road plots from Kes 350k

We have plots for sale on Kangundo road at Mutalia for Kes 500k suitable for building rental houses. Good for those with little cash and want to set up rental units. 350k plots for sale in Mutalia 3km from the road suitable for residential houses. See more Kangundo road plots on

Sellers, Property Agents

For property Agents and Owners, you may want to click the link below as we have clients looking for the below properties. Properties wanted in Kenya in December.

Write or call us for additional information and viewing arrangements for any property above that may interest you.

You may also visit our blog page or our main website for more details.

We thank you once more for your support, and God bless you.

Yours sincerely



Properties for Sale in Kitengela, Kiserian, Ngong

Top Properties for Sale in Kitengela, Kiserian, Ngong

On this listing, we feature the top properties we have on offer in Kajiado county. We have in our listing houses for sale in Ngong Matasia, Houses for sale in Kitengela, Houses for sale in Rongai Rimpa, Plots and Land for Sale in Kitengela, Isinya and Kisaju.

We have listed the houses and plots separately.

We hereby present the houses being offered at a discount. Houses in Rimpa, Ngong, Kitengela.

1. 3 Bedrooms house for sale in Rongai at Rimpa. This property sits on 1/8 of an acre and it has a free hold title deed. The property is about 300 metres from the Rimpa police station and also close to the end of the Tarmac of Rimpa. It is an excellent residential property – offer at Kes 6.7m

2. 3 Bedrooms bungalow houses for sale in Ngong in a secure gated community in Matasia area. These houses are about 900 metres of the Ngong Kiserian house and served with an all weather road. The development is near completion and possible to get flexible payment terms – price @ 9m

Kitengela Houses for Sale

1. 3 and 4 Bedrooms maisonette Houses for sale in Kitengela in a secure gated community. These houses are completed and a few already occupied. Rent ranges from 45k – 60k and the houses prices between 11.9 – 12.9m. See the photos and the video of the 4 bedrooms below.


2. 3 Bedrooms Apartments for sale in Kitengela at a special discount of Kes 4.7m. These apartments are close to the road and are newly built. They attract rental income of Kes 25k

see video

3. 3 bedroom bungalow house for sale in Kitengela EPZ area with access to fresh water. The houses sits on 1/8 acre with free hold title deed.

4. 3 Bedrooms Bungalow houses for sale in Kitengela in a secure gated community in New valley at Kes 6.5m. These houses would rent in the range of Kes 30,000

5. 3 Bedrooms Bungalow houses for sale in Kitengela new Valley at Kes 5.5m

Listings Plots for Sale in Kitengela

1. 6 Acre plot of Land for Sale in Isinya, a few metres behind Isinya town and ideal for sub-division. THe plot is available for quick sale and owner

flexible to sell 2 or 3 Acres on any ready client. price is Kes 7m an acre

2. 8.5 Acre plot of Land for Sale in Kisaju near Kitengela. The property is about 1km from old Namanga road and is near other developments.

3. 6 x 1/8 plots for sale in Kitengela opposite Yukos and good for developing a gated community. One can develop Bungalows, maisonettes for sale. Each plot would sell at Kes 3m.

4. 1/4 Acre residential plot of Land for sale in Kitengela Muigai in a secure gated community at Kes 3.9m Negotiable.

5. 1/8 Acre plots for sale in Kitengela Near Yukos at Kes 2.6m per plot. A few plots are avaiable for those who would prefer to join 2, to make a 1/4 acre

6. 1/8 Acre residential plots of Land for sale in Kitengela Acacia area at Kes 630,000. These plots are about 9 kilometres from Namanga road and are served with an all weather murram road.

See more opportunities in Kajiado county on the below links