Short Term Financing Needed

Short Term Financing Needed of Kes 15m

Short Term Financing Needed by an investor who is purchasing a property in Diani. The investor requires financing of Kes 15m payable in 3 years. His proposal is as below.

I have a proposition for anyone interested but it has to be finalized in 10 days maximum from date of this posting, 17th April 2017. I have raised over 50% percent of the property purchase price and requires Kes 15m to complete. Need a business investor who will fund the 15m returning a 31% profit in 3 years.

The money owed will be paid in 3 yearly installments of 5M a year PLUS a bonus of 1.55M. So on an investment of 15 million say the total repayable will be 19.65 M which by my calculation is a 31% profit in 3 years.

A real estate investment opportunity in Kenya

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