Kenya South Coast Properties September offers

Kenya South Coast Properties September offers

On this newsletter we feature investment properties for sale in South coast in Diani, Galu, Ramisi, Ukunda and Majoreni areas.

The properties ranges from hotels on sale, villas, cottages, Apartments and land. There are also investment opportunities in farming wih property prices as low as Kes 140k per acre. Key infrastructure developments such as the expansion of Ukunda Airstrip and the Dongo Kundu bypass continue to make South Coast an excellent investment destination.

Hotels / Resorts for sale

1. 56 Rooms hotel for sale in Diani Beach @ Kes 300m/USD 3M / available for rent

2. 21 rooms self catering resort in Galu for sale @ Kes 110m – Discounted

3. A boutique resort for sale in Galu Beach @ Kes 92m

4. A 70 pax Restaurant in Diani for long term lease @ 100k per month

Top Class holiday homes

1. Oceanfront penthouse for sale in Galu Beach @ 31m. Video

2. 4 bedrooms top end residence on 1 acre near Indian ocean hotel on 1st row @ 80m

Villas, Cottages for sale

1. Gated community villas/cottages for sale in Diani built on 0.5 acre from Kes 19-24m

2. 3-4 Bedroom Cottages for sale in Diani on third row near Papatuas @ 18.5m

3. 3 Bedrooms Diani cottage for sale in secure gated community @ 15m

4. 2 Bedrooms cottage for sale in Galu a secure gated community @ 10.5m

Oceanfront Villas, Cottages for Sale

1. Executive villa for sale in Galu Beach on 5 acres – partly completed @ Kes 250m

2. An oceanfront property for sale in Galu Beach @ Kes 73m

Oceanfront Plots in Galu and Ramisi Kinondo

1. Oceanfront plots for sale in Galu from Kes 16m with private sandy beach

2. Oceanfront land for sale in Galu Ramisi Kinondo from Kes 13.5m

Diani Apartments for Sale

1. Oceanfront Apartments for sale @ Kes 28m

2. 3 bedrooms apartments for sale in Diani Darad area close Nakumatt, good for residential @ 7.75m

Diani Land for sale (1 – 5) Acres

1. 5 Acres Land for sale in Diani on Diani Beach road, near Baobab hotel at Kes 20m an acre

2. 1 Acre plot of land for sale in Diani near Kongo river on second row @ Kes 12m

3. 1 Acre plot of land for sale in Diani on 3rd row near Kongo river @ Kes 10m

4. 1 Acre Land for sale on third row after Indian ocean hotel @ 8m

5. 1 Acre plots behind Chandarana on 4th row @ Kes 3m – part of a 5 acre lot.

Diani plots for sale from 0.25 acres – 0.5 Acres

1. 0.5 Acre plot for sale in Diani  fronting Kongo river with great views @ 5.7m

2. 0.25 Acres Land in Diani behind the famous Morning star Apartments @ 5m

3. 0.25 Acre plots for sale in Diani near Leisure hotel @ 5.7m


A house for sale in Ukunda, Quick sale at Kes 6m. Valued at Kes 8m.

Mabokoni – near Technical University of Mombasa – Mabokoni Campus

Mabokoni is about 8 Kilometres from Ukunda centre and is growing fast due to the University. These plots of land

boarders the University land. They are suitable for horticulture for now and near future development of University hostels. University students have to commute for 5 -8 Kilometres

1. 2 acres property for sale in Kwale Mabokoni, Has 2 water wells, house, servant quarter and water tower goes for Kes 8.9m

2. 3.25 acre Land for sale in Kwale county @ Kes 3.9m (Fenced with barbed wire)

3. 1.5 acre Land for sale Kwale Mabokoni @ Kes 1.9 m (fenced with barbed wire)

Farm Lands

1. 68 Acres agricultural land for sale in Kwale at Kes 140 per acre

2. 20 Acres land for sale in Kwale Majoreni area @ Kes 140k per acre

3. 11 Acres plot of land for sale in Kwale county near Mshiu centre @ 140k per acre

5. 5 Acres Land for sale in Kwale near Simba hills @ Kes 170k per acre

6. 3 Acre land for sale in Kwale near Mshiu centre @ Kes 130k per acre

There are more options in South coast can be viewed on the below pages

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    1. Hi Hilary, Apologies for the late response. These properties are now taken, though we have others in the same price range and higher. That is , prices from Kes 135k an acre to Kes 300k an acre for the ones fronting the Lunga Lunga road Tarmac. You can reach me on 0725 88 4003. Moses

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