Single Story For Sale in Ongata Rongai, Ongata Rongai

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6 Bedrooms suitable for a big family

•  single story FOR SALE  KES11,000,000 . Discounted

An incomplete, 6 Bedrooms house for sale in Ongata Rongai. This property for sale in Ongata Rongai is easily accessible from the Magadi Road. It is about 600 metres from the Tarmac

– 6 Bedrooms, Master en-suite
– Has 3 Bathrooms
– Property sits on 1/8 Acre
– Has perimeter wall as shown on the photos
– Free hold title deed

Price – Discounted and on quick Sale

A Real Estate property for sale in Ongata Rongai, good for a large family and in well developed neigbourhood.

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Lot / Land For Sale in Athi River, Athi River

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Beautiful residences neighbours the plot

•  lot / land FOR SALE  KES3,250,000 . Well priced

Plot for sale in Syokimau, 2nd plot of Katani Road, 5km from MSA Road. This property for sale in Syokimau in Machakos county is near developed residences. It is the second plot from the road. The plot has a certificate /allotment letter from Posta Sacco and can be used either as residential or commercial.

– off Katani Road
– About 5km from Mombasa Road
– 18 metres to the Katani Tarmac

– 50ft x 100ft
– Allotment Letter from Posta Sacco
– Neighbours 3 houses
– in a developed neigbhourhood
– Fenced
– good for residential or commercial use

– electricity connected to nearby plots
– Water – services from boreholes

A Residential plot for sale in Syokimau off Katani road, easily accessible by public transport.

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Lot / Land For Sale in Nyandarua, Igwamiti

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Over 8000 Trees, and Rising Demand for Timber

•  lot / land FOR SALE  KES10,605,000 . Discounted

15 Acres Agricultural Land for sale at Igwamiti, 4.5km from Laikipia University Main Campus

Note: The price includes the trees and a farm house

This property is about 15 Kilometres from Nyahururu town and it is about 4.2 Kilometres off Nyahururu – Nakuru road. It is a tree farm has over 8,000 Trees with the second crop of Eucalyptus Grandis.

This is a wet area and Eucalyptus Grandis, Avocados, Potatoes does very well. Eucalyptus Grandis can be used for electric poles, timber, or firewood. This property requires minimum supervision and is cash generating.

The property has red Eucalyptus Grandis trees most of which have sprouted after first harvesting. One can continue harvesting trees and may opt to clear some parts for other types of farming. It is expected the older trees will take about 5 years to mature.

There are settled homesteads in the nearby farms.

– The land is served with an all weather Murram road up to about 500 metres
– It is between Two Tarmac roads, each about 4km from the Farm; Nyahururu-Nakuru and Nyahururu-Boiman Roads

– Water – There is a water well with water through out the year
– Electricity – The neighbouring farm has electricity – about 300 metres from this property

An Agricultural property for sale in Laikipia county at Igwa Miti. The high value avocado, the Hass type does very well in the area

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Lot / Land For Sale in Nyandarua, Shamata

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Great Farming potential

•  lot / land FOR SALE  KES1,400,000 . Affordable

2 Acres Agricultural Land for Sale in Simbara Nyandarua – 30km from Nyahururu. This property for sale in Nyandarua county is ideal for farming as well as settlement. There 2 Acre x 3 parcels that can be sold together or individually.

The Land has great views and the area is wet most of the year and very productive. It is possible for one to recover cost of land with 3 years of horticulture farming. Better still, one can still farm during the dry months using shallow water wells as being done by neighours.

Electricity is about 200 metres to the first parcel.

– About 190km from Nairobi using Njambini route, or 220km through Nyahururu
– 3 Kilometres from Nyahururu – Shamata all weather road
– near schools, churches and other developed farms and residences
– 10km to Ndaragua town

– There are 3 x 2 acre parcels as at the time of this listing
– One of the Parcels Touches a permanent river – Kaheho River
– There is an access road from the Main Access road to the River
– The provided access road can be used for water services from the River to the individual 2 acre plots

– Electricity is a few metres from the first 2 Acres parcel.
– A few metres to a permanent River (River Kaheho), Last parcels touches River Kaheho
– All plots have an access road that runs from the main access road to the river

Potential Agricultural Activities
– Potatoes, maize, peas, cabbages, carrots farming
– Tree Farming
– Fruit farming, eg Avocado (sufficient rainfall, and water to irrigate during dry months)

Key Developments in the area
– Shallow water wells (under 30feet) in the neighborhood that can be used for irrigation during dry months
– A neigbhour using a shallow water well to irrigate .. see first photo (March 2019 photo)

How to access the Land

– Drive to Nyahururu, Take Nyahururu – Shamata road (Tarmacked 20km, 7 Murram, and 3km local access road to the land) (220km)
– Drive from Nairobi and turn at Flyover and use Njambini route to OlKalou, make a turn to Simbara – Murram all weather road (190km)

Planned Infrastructure Developments:
– Completion of Nyahururu – Shamata road .. leaving only 3km on rough road (from Nyahururu side)
– The road that Joints OlKalou road is also set for tarmacking

A real estate investment opportunity in Nyandarua, Simbara

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Commercial For Sale in Athi River, Athi River

About 1km from Mombasa Road

•  commercial FOR SALE  KES25,000,000 . Good for storage, light manufacturing

3100 sqft GoDown for Sale in Syokimau 1km from MSA Road. This warehouse space for sale has an office with both ground floor and first floor. It is easily accessible from Mombasa road, being 1km. Hence easy for communiting of employees who may need to use public transport.

– industrial property
– 3,100 square feet
– The property is located with our godowns
– Has mains electricity and sewer lines connected
– Water is from a borehole sunk within the Godowns land
– A standby generator for common areas
– Immediate access road is murram and usable for heavy commercial vehicles
– The gated complex is fenced with a stone perimeter wall, topped with electric wire
– Access is though a Double metal gate
– Cabro paved drive way and parking areas
– Has a sentry post at the gate

A Commercial property for sale in Syokimau, off Mombasa road in Machakos county.

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Apartment For Rent/Lease in Kangemi, Riruta

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Fronts Wanyee close

•  apartment FOR RENT  KES13,500 ML . Affordable

2 bedrooms Apartment to let in Riruta Nairobi – Wanyee Close. This apartment to let in Nairobi Riruta area fronts Wanyee Close. It is a few minutes walk to Wanyee close and has ease of public transport connections.

– 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom
– piped water & water well
– Screed floor
– Toilet, bathroom, and kitchen are tiled
– Electricity: pre-paid meter
– Ease of access to public transport

– 1 month deposit
– 1 month rent
– Water Deposit

Apartment to let in Nairobi, Riruta area of Wanyee Road. Property is a few minutes walk to Wanyee road where Matatus of route 4W uses.

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Price dropped for Land for sale in Runda Nairobi

Price dropped for Land for sale in Runda Nairobi

Price dropped for Land for sale in Runda Nairobi

User Educational – near high end residences

Announcing a price drop on Runda 12, a commercial. Now FOR SALEĀ  KES59,000,000 . Discounted

1 Acre land for sale in Runda a few minutes drive to Two Rivers Mall. This property is located in an affluent area. The property has a potential to serve Runda and Gigiri residents and the nearby residents near Two Rivers.

Features for the Runda Property for sale
– User Educational
– Has red soil
– Located in a high end residential area

Property for sale in Nairobi Kenya at Runda suitable for educational purposes. The property is a few minutes drive to

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Lot / Land For Sale in Narok, Narok

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Fertile farm land

•  lot / land FOR SALE  KES575,000 . Great Price

1.5 Acre Farmland for sale in Narok at Kisiriri – 100 metres to Tarmac. This property for sale in Kisiriri in Narok is a few metres off The Narok – Nakuru highway. Kisiriri is a wet area and the land is ideal for farming. The land can be used in the future for rental houses.

– Fertile land measuring 1.5 acres
– near other residences and farms
– A few minutes walk to the Kisiriri township
– A few minutes walk to the main road
– Has deep volcanic soils good for agriculture

A Narok Real Estate investment opportunity in the Kisiriri, near Narok – Nakuru road.

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