Single Story For Sale in Kajiado, Kajiado

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Strategic investment opportunity

•  single story FOR SALE  KES14,500,000 . Affordable

20 Acre land for sale in Kajiado Ildamat area – 10km from Kajiado Town

This agricultural land for sale is about 5.5km from the busy Namanga road, 800 metres from the main access road serving Kenya Marble Quarry commonly referred as KMQ – road that is managed by Kenya National Highways Authority, KeNHA, and about 10km from Kajiado town.

This land for sale in Kajiado is of strategic importance for those looking at any of the following.

1. Industrial
– Good for industrial use today or in the future – Land Touches Magadi Railway, over 200 metres frontage
– Land is a few minutes drive to Kajiado town; labour, market, support, etc
– Borehole in the vicinity – water table is low if one was to sink own borehole approx 80 metres
– Ease of access of local construction materials

2. Residential – ideal for a Rural home
– A few minutes drive to Kajiado Town, Ease of commuting to Kajiado, Isinya, Kitengela, Kiserian, Ngong
– Close to electricity, schools, borehole water, beautiful farmland, temporary houses already in place

3. Farming eg, Poultry, animal keeping
– Property already under goat keeping with 4 single rooms, toilets and a live fenced compound
– Borehole water from a community borehole – at the boundary of the property
– Huge demand of eggs in the neighbouring towns “eggs imported from other counties”

4. Price Appreciation
– The land is about 800m from the Main access road . A KENHA “Kenya Highway Authority managed road”, serving industries
– Other lands with similar distance from Kajiado .. are about 3m – 4m an Acre. It can be expected in the next 4-5 years, land per acre could hit these prices

5. Real Estate Development
– With all the factors mentioned above, price appreciation, amenities, the land would become a viable for estate development – now for rural homes, or in future for many different kinds of residential outfits

The Land is virgin and used as a grazing land for the sheep and goat. The land is currently managed and anyone who takes can start off immediately to rear sheep and goat. Also, immediately possibilities are to rearing of poultry, and with the large size of land one, can rear free range which continue to grow in demand.

– Land slopes gently to a temporary stream
– Rectangular in shape – longest side along the railway
– Has two blocks of 2 single rooms houses, raised with concrete and stone walls as shown on photos/videos
– External toilet/bathroom
– temporary structure for sheeps and goats
– live fence on the homestead
– A metallic gate
– Natural indigeneous trees within the farm
– Neighbouring homesteads
– Electricity supply is about 800 metres

An agricultural land for sale in Kajiado county at Ildamat area. A real estate investment opportunity in Kenya in Rift Valley.

Video of the Land and houses

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Lot / Land For Sale in Kisaju, Kisaju

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•  lot / land FOR SALE  KES1,290,000 .

1/4 Acre plots for sale in Olturoto Kitengela – 10km from KAG University

There are 5, 1/4 Acre plots at the time of listing. These plots are close to other house holds and farms. The neighbouring properties have boreholes. The land can be use for settling or one can use it for farming, eg poultry, pigs, horticulture, etc.

Features of the land
– About 10km from KAG University – see map
– About 4km from Olturoto Mainroad – see map
– About 2km from the closest all weather road – see map
– Relatively Flat, and can easily be irrigated
– Fertile soils
– Several other developments close by
– TARDA SACCO plots, about 2km from the land

The road to TARDA SACCO plots and to Olturoto is well maintained and are both all weather roads. Due to this, there are many residential developments already in place and going on along these roads.

Video of the plots for sale in Kitengela

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Lot / Land For Sale in Kajiado, Kajiado

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•  lot / land FOR SALE  KES950,000 .

10 Acres Agricultural Land for sale in Kajiado – Lorngosua – 25km from Bisil town

Note: The entire land is 62.5 Acres as at the time of listing this. So, one can purchase 10, 20, 30 or the entire piece. For those purchasing a fraction of the entire land, they would be expected to take charge of the sub-division costs which would be in the region of say 70k – 110k depending on the portion.

This property for sale in Kajiado county has indigenous trees and slopes gently with good drainage. It is good for cultivation, or livestock farming. The soils are fertile and area good for agricultural farming. A number of high quality farming in the area with boreholes – Very successful Camel farm and a pig farm in the neighbourhood.

– Free hold property
– About 8km from Lorngosua town. Lorngosua town has most of the amenities, hospitals, schools, etc
– Fertile land
– Beautiful views
– Ease of access

– The seller is also open to exchange with a plot in Nairobi, Kitengela which is ready for commercial development. On the same value of exchange.

Access Road.
– This property is about 1.5km from the Murram Road from Bisil – Lorngosua
– The property fronts a major access road of more than 20 metres wide which is planned.

– The electricity line runs about 1.5km from the property

Water Source
– There is river water in the neigbhourhood and it is possible to develop shallow water wells in the area

A real estate investment opportunity in Kenya in Kajiado county.

Video of the Agricultural land for sale in Lorngosua Kajiado

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Bungalow For Sale in Eastleigh, Eastleigh

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•  bungalow FOR SALE  KES70,000,000 .

Land in Eastleigh for Joint Venture – shared ownership – own about 65%. A land owner in Eastleigh Section 3, is interested in joint development of commercial units or a mix of commercial and residential of which he will own a portion equivalent to his part contribution in the value of land. This is a Joint venture opportunity for those who would want to own properties in Eastleigh.

The value of land is estimated to be about 45m, and will be subject to valuation for purposes of the Joint-venture.

A commercial development by the owners estimate would be in the region of Kes 60-70m. The JV partner is expected to fund the development. Appropriate cost accounting principles will be agreed upon to estimate fairly, each parties share ownership on completion of the project.

– Rectangular in shape
– Flat
– With old buildings at the moment
– Fronts a busy street
– Has a free hold title deed

– This JV will not allow charging of the land to a financier.

Proposed operations
– This joint venture proposes the development of a property that will be jointly managed, rather than selling of units. A joint company would be formed that will own the land and building that will be developed. The current property is free hold and hence preference would be for Kenyan nationals in order to retain the free hold status of the land.

A Joint venture opportunity in Eastleigh Nairobi. A real estate investment opportunity in Kenya.

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Lot / Land For Sale in Isinya, Isinya

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•  lot / land FOR SALE  KES32,500,000 .

5 Acres land for sale in Isinya Kajiado near Umma University fronting Namanga road. This plot of land for sale in Isinya is ideal for commercial development or residential gated community. The plot nears other developments in the area.

– About 5km from Kajiado town
– About 7km from Isinya Town.

– Flat
– Fronts the busy Namanga Road
– Near Factories/ Go downs and educational institutions
– Free hold title deed

A Real Estate investment opportunity in Kajiado county, at Isinya area. The property is about 7km from Isinya town on your way to Kajiado.

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Single Story For Sale in Malindi , Malindi

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•  single story FOR SALE  KES8,500,000 .

Commercial property for sale in Malindi town (with Bar & Restaurant). This property is being sold without any goodwill of the two businesses that are running. There is a restaurant on the ground floor and bar on the first floor. The restuarant space is rented out and would require 3 months notice for the tenant to vacate.

This property is located in town and a few minutes walk to Malindi – Mombasa Highway. It is close to public transport and it can be further developed into 3rd and 4th floor subject to structural assessments.

– Ground Floor accommodates the restaurant – about 40 pax
– Upper floor accommodates the bar – about 40 pax
– The property is tiled
– The two businesses are operational

Business options
– Lease out both bar/restaurant
– Run bar/continue to lease restaurant

Size of the land
– 2 plots of 24ft x 30ft, and 24ft x 12ft

Title Deed
– Free hold

A commrecial real estate property for sale in Kenya North coast, suitable for renting out or running the business.

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Single Story For Sale in Thika, Juja

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•  single story FOR SALE  KES7,900,000 .

0.25 Acre Land for Sale in Juja – Gachororo near JKUAT. This piece of land for sale in Kiambu county, is in Thika Sub-county and is near Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology. The property boarders other plots that are already developed. It is the second plot off Gachororo road and near Gachororo primary.

Possible Uses
– Development of Apartments / Flats for renting out
– Church
– Garage
– workshop
– Educational facility
– Storage/ware house, etc

– Square in shape
– Land is vacant and neighbours other developments
– Boarders 3 plots that are built, with stone walls on two sides
– Relatively flat

– Long Term Lease – 5 years, 3 months
– 3 Months Deposit, and Quarterly payments
– Tenant would take any costs of change of user required and Lease registration

Property for lease in Juja Gachororo, near Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology.

See videos of the land availabe for long term lease

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