Malindi real estate offers March 2016

Malindi real estate offers March 2016

Real Estate investment opportunities in Malindi

On this feature, we focus on real estate investment opportunities in Kilifi county and especially in the Malindi sub-county. The lifting of the travel advisory for Malindi and Watamu areas has seen an increase in tourists and foreign investments.

The Malindi Airport is also set to become an international airport and would enable direct flights from Europe. This will continue to make Malindi a competitive location for both local and international investments.

Ngomeni – Top highlights

  1. 9 Acre oceanfront property for sale with golden sandy beach in Ngomeni @ Kes 5m an acre. This plot is ideal for holiday resort, or oceanfront homes. See Details
  2. 3 Acre oceanfront land for sale in Ngomeni beach for Kes 5.3m an acre. This is good for holiday homes and cottages for holiday letting. See Details


Mambrui – Top highlights

  1. 3 Bedroom cottage is a secure gated community near Karibuni villas. A great opportunity for businessmen, legislators and company executives. See Details
  2. 5 Acres for sale in Mambrui about 300 metres from Karibuni villas towards Kola Beach @ Kes 11m per acre . See Details


Malindi town – High investment Return opportunities

  1. 12 Apartments for sale in Malindi at Kes 55m. On long term lease, can let at 50k x 12 = 600k. The rent ratio exceed the performance of many residential investments apartments available. With returns under 10 years. See Details
  2. 5 Acre plot for sale on Lamu road just before the famous Palm Tree estate. This plot is ideal for building a petrol station and high end rental apartments or for warehousing. There is provision for sub-division at 2 or 2.5 are at Kes 10m per acre. See Details


Malindi – Top Quick Sale residential Plots

  1. ½ Acre plot for sale in Palm Tree estate at Kes 9m
  2. 1 acre plot for sale at Mtangani at Kes 7m
  3. 1/8 acre plots for sale at Sunnpark – 500 metres behind Barclays, and near Mwembe resort @ 1.8m – Easter offer “residential controlled development of 4 bedroom villas”


Malindi – Top Cottages

  1. 4 bedrooms all en-suite cottage at Golf Course on ½ acre @ 27m. See Details
  2. 2 Bedrooms cottages for sale near Eden Rock in a compound of 5. @ 9m
  3. 1 Bedroom cottage in a gated community off Lamu road @ 5.7m Details

Malindi – Ocean front Apartments

  1. Oceanfront Apartments for sale in Malindi at Casuarina with Beach Access.
  2. Affordable 1, 2, and 3 Bedrooms oceanfront Apartments in Silversands 6.5-10m.

Mayungu – Top opportunities

  1. 3 Acre ocean front plot with a creek and 210 metres ocean frontage @ 29.7m. Details
  2. 10, cottages for sale in Mayungu , furnished with a pool on half acre @ 27m. Details

Jacaranda – Top offers

  1. High end 7, and 9 acres white sandy Beach properties in Jacaranda Watamu – near St Thomas villas @ 15m per acre.
  2. On Second row, a raised 23 Acres land hardly 200 metres from the Beach – Ocean view at Kes 3m per acre. Ideal for Gated development – also near St Thomas villas.

Watamu – Residential Plots

  1. A Quick Sale 1 acre property for sale near Watamu Villas at the heart of Watamu. Good for a holiday resort and a walk to top hotels in Watamu.
  2. ¼ acre plots near Watamu villas at Kes 3.5m. Good for own residential plots.

Watamu – Resorts

  1. A Beautiful Safari Eco Lodge for Sale in Kenya in Gede near Watamu @ 29m. Possible to pay a deposit of 15m / 20m and operate on rent to own arrangement. Details


  1. A stylish and beautiful large private residence for sale in Watamu close to the Beach. @ 310k Euros. Details

Pwani University Area – Kilifi

  1. 8 Acre road front plot for sale @ 7m per acre; 2km from Pwani University; commercial


  1. 6 Acre road front plot at Kes 8m per acre about 2.5k from Pwani University ; commercial


Easter holiday opportunities – special offers

  1. Special offer for Easter. Furnished 2 bedrooms apartments to rent in Malindi for Kes 20,000 for 3 nights and 4 days!! The apartment can accommodate 6 adults comfortably. It is a self catering facility and is about 850 metres from the Indian ocean. Details


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Kiambu property offers March 2016

Kiambu property offers March 2016

Investment opportunities in Kiambu County

Kiambu county’s proximity to Nairobi continue to make is attractive for buyers of real estate as well as real estate developers. The infrastructure improvements such as Thika road has helped to provide better connection to Nairobi and as a result also improved real estate prices of properties in the areas.

On this issue, we focus on new listings in the Kiambu sub-counties of Kikuyu, Limuru, Ruiru

Thika Road

  1. We have residential land for sale in Juja in a secure gated community with excellent access to Town. It is a half acre plot just after the Juja City Mall at Kes 13.9m. Quick sale.
  2. 50 Acres property for sale in Kiambu , Thika sub-county near Mangu high school. This property is ideal for high end development – Restricted 1 acre country homes. Offers invited with proposals of developments.
  3. ½ Acre plot for sale in Ruiru – off Kiganjo road with a borehole. It is about 300 metres off the Tarmac and near Family Bank development off Kiganjo road. 2km from Thika superhighway. Asking 7.5m.
  4. 1/8 acre plot for sale in Ruiru off Eastern bypass good for Apartments. It is a gated community of other blocks of Apartments and about 200 metres off the bypass near Kamakis @ 6.5m

Limuru sub-county

  1. 5 Acre land for sale in Tigoni behind Maramba tea factory. This land is suitable for gated community development. Priced at Kes 18.5m per acre.
  2. 3 Bedrooms Houses for Sale in Red hill on secure gated community. 3 Bedrooms at 19.7m and 4 bedrooms at 24m.
  3. 1 Acre land for Sale in Tigoni behing Maramba tea factory at Kes 17m.

Kikuyu sub-county

  1. A commercial plot for sale in Gikambura town, fronting the market. Plot measures 70ft x 80ft and has front row commercial. Suitable for redevelopment and has two road access. Asking 11.5m.
  2. 1/8 Acre plot for sale near Farmers Training Centre – hotel. Good for building Apartments at Kes 4.5m.
  3. 1/8 Acre plots for sale in Gitaru off the Nakuru Nairobi highway. The neighbourhood has a mix of apartments and residential developments.

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Nairobi Real Estate offers for March 2016

Nairobi Real Estate offers for March 2016

New and Quick sale Real Estate Opportunities in Nairobi and its environments

On this issue, we feature property investment opportunities in Nairobi, Kerarapon, Ngong areas.

Top End Residential homes

  1. A Karen bungalow on offer at a huge discount. 4 Bedrooms in gated community @ 73m.
  2. 4 Bedrooms Town house for sale off Riara road near Nakumatt junction at Kes 60m.
  3. 4 Bedroom house for sale in Kahawa Sukari on half an acre. offers invited

Apartments for Sale

  1. 4 bedrooms all en-suite Apartments for sale in Kilimani – a Walk to Yaya centre @ 23m.
  2. 3 bedrooms + sq Apartment for sale of Dennis Pritt road @ 25m. See Details


Gated Community Properties

  1. 3 bedrooms house for sale off Langata road with SQ @ 19.9m
  2. ½ Acre plot for sale in Runda Kigwaru near the Two Rivers development at Kes 33m.

 Opportunity for a Kindergarten – Runda

  1. 1 acre property for sale in Runda Kigwaru with user – Educational @ 63m. See Details

Investment opportunities in Nairobi

  1. Block of Apartments for sale in Nairobi Eastleigh, Kes 75m and rental income of 800k
  2. Block of Apartments for sale in Mlolongo at Kes 33.5m, income 300k.
  3. Githurai Block of Apartments for sale in Nairobi at Kes 17m, income 160k

Developers opportunities

  1. ¾ acre plot for sale in Lavington near the shopping centre suitable for building a block of Apartments of office suites @ 300m
  2. 1 Acre quick sale opportunity of Hatheru road at Kes 285m
  3. ½ Acre plot for sale in Kilimani off Wood Avenue suitable for Apartments. A walk to yaya centre at Kes 250m
  4. ½ Acre plot for sale on Ngong road suitable for an office suite @ 250m

Kerarapon – Kerarapon Drive is set to be tarmarked this year

  1. Quarter acre plot for sale on 3rd drive at Kes 15.3m. See Details
  2. Quarter Acre plot for sale on 19th drive – 4th rise @ 7.3m. See Details
  3. Half acre plot for sale on 19th drive – 4th rise at 15.5m

Ngong – Kibiku

  1. A gated quarter acre plot of land for sale in Ngong Kibiku off Col Ngere road, about 2km from Ngong town – All weather road to the plot. @ 6.3m


Ngong –Olkeri & Matasia

  1. 3 Bedrooms house for sale in Ngong Olkeri in a gated community with pool @ 9.3m.
  2. 3 bedrooms house for sale in Ngong in gated community at Matasia @ 6.3m.


Utawala – Quick sale property for 4.15m

  1. A 2 bedrooms house for sale at Utawala before the MC house. Has 2 rooms extension that can be rented out. Good for those commuting to Nairobi


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Naivasha Property offers March 2016

Naivasha Property offers March 2016

Investment opportunities in Nakuru County – Mai Mahiu, Longonot ,Naivasha

We would like to share new opportunities and strategic properties in Naivasha and Mai Mahiu areas of Nakuru county. The proposed extension of the standard gauge railway to Naivasha will continue to fuel growth in Mai Mahiu and Naivasha areas.

It is expected Mai Mahiu will soon turn into an industrial complex, and will hence need to accommodate a large workforce. Opportunities for warehousing, distribution and secondary businesses will arise and it is right time to acquire real estate for these purposes as well as for capital appreciation.


Land in Mai Mahiu

There are number of strategic investment opportunities for those looking to acquire land for logistical purposes, eg depots, petrol stations etc.

  1. 5 Acres plot for sale in Mai Mahiu near Satelite – to the left as one heads to Narok @ 15m. 8km from Mai Mahiu town.
  2. 5 Acre plots in the Mai Mahiu Gicheha area – 1.5km from main road @ Kes 4.5m
  3. 14 Acre plot of land for sale in Mai Mahiu Rare – near the Race Track at Kes 750k an acre
  4. 10 Acres road front plot for sale on Mai Mahiu – Naivasha road, 2.5km from Mai Mahiu town, and to the left as one drives to Naivasha – @ 33m
  5. 5 Acres plot for sale in Mai Mahiu fronting Mai Mahiu Naivasha road @ 14m
  6. 5 Acres – 900 metres from old Naivasha after Governor @ 4.5m – Land is to the left
  7. 5 Acres at Muthaiga – second farm from the road @ 6m


Mai Mahiu Residential plots

  1. Quick sale before Mogas and AIC children home @ 500k (6th from Tarmac)
  2. Old Naivasha road. 1/8 Acre near J. Waichere secondary school, after the river – at 1.5m
  3. Old Naivasha road – before Gorvenor: Tarmac @ 850k, 1km from Tarmac @ 300k
  4. Narok Road: Kigecha – 500m from the road @ 350k
  5. Narok road: Mafuta taa – 200m from the road @ 600k


Longonot Opportunities

  1. 4 Acre land fronting the Tarmac and close to Longonot town at 9m per acre. Good for commercial, residential. Sloppy.
  2. 6 Acre land touching Tarmac @ 2.5m per acre – Flat land @ 15m. 2km from Longonot town on the left as one goes to Naivasha. Good for a depo and has a large pipeline wayleave.
  3. 5 Acre land touching Tarmac @ 3m per acre – Near Longonot gate. For commercial, depot or residential.
  4. 5 Acre Land 2km from Longonot town, 300 metres from Tarmac. With good views of Lake Naivasha, and Mount Longonot. Close to Kedong Ranch, and Longonot gate. Fenced, and good for residential. At Kes 12m.

Longonot Gates project

We have for sale half acre plots in Longonot gate project from Kes 4.5m – 9m.


Longonot Plots

  1. /8 Acre plots + Title processing on special offer at Kes 600k. Near Police station.
  2. 1/8 acre plots – 500m from Town – to the right @ 500k


Naivasha Opportunities – Between Longonot and Naivasha town

  1. 5 Acres between the Nakuru and old Naivasha highways with a view of Mount Longonot
  2. Off Old Naivasha road: Near Caanan – 3 Acre plots at Kes 4m
  3. Off old Naivasha Road: 400m from Tarmac near Kijade hospital on old Naivasha road @ 3.5m. Good view of Lake Naivasha
  4. Off old Naivasha road: 23 Acre with good views of Lake Naivasha @ 1.2m an acre. 2km from the Tarmac and to right as you go to Naivasha.


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Kitengela properties offers March 2016

Kitengela properties offers March 2016

Real Estate investment opportunities in Kitengela

In this issue, we feature investment opportunities in Kitengela in the month of March, ranging from bungalow houses, maisonettes, land and plots.

Kitengela continue to be a preference choice for real estate investment by people working in Nairobi, and this metropolitan town continues to grow at a fast rate.

Top New Listings for the month of March – houses

  • Bungalow house for sale in Kitengela in Milimani area at Kes 6.5m
  • 1 Bedrooms Apartments for sale in Kitengela at 3.3m.
  • 4 bedrooms Town houses for sale in Kitengela – lease hold @ 6.5m

Top investment opportunity for rental Apartments

A Block of Apartments near KCB with one bedrooms, bedsitters and single rooms. 40 units @ 13.5m /Rent 155k.

Gated communities – Townhouses

3 bedrooms/4 bedrooms houses for sale in gated community @ 10.9m/11.5m.

Isinya Plots – suitable for sub-division into plots or building residential houses.

A quick sale opportunity for a 2 acres land. The land is about 300 metres from Namanga road and is behind Isinya town. It is ideal for someone who would want to develop a rental complex, a commercial building or sub-divide into plots for sale. Asking kes 7.9m.


Oltoroto – Land suitable for sub-division into plots

2 Acres land for sale near Oltoroto town, and good for sub-division into plots. Retail of plots at 650k. Asking 5.9m.


Korrompoi – opposite Saitoti

Fenced ¼ Acre plots for sale near Korrompoi primary school. 2km from Namanga road at Kes 1.1 – 1.5m. Ideal for residential houses.

A Maisonette for sale at Kes 16m near Korrompoi Primary school


Near Saitoti

Plots for sale about 2km from the Tarmac at prices of Kes 750k – 1.5m.


Muigai Estate

¼ Acre plot for sale about 400 metres from Namanga road. Suitable for building own residences or developing two house units for sale. Asking price of Kes 3.7m.


Town Centre

Commercial plots for sale from Kes 15m – 17m suitable for building Apartments near Town centre.


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Investment opportunities in Mombasa County

Mombasa Real Estate offers, as of Mar 2016

We would like to share Investment opportunities in Mombasa County.

We have on this issue office space to let, off plan developments for sale, complete units and plots for sale in the areas of Mombasa. We have listings for Mombasa island, Nyali, Bamburi, Kisauni , Shanzu and Mariakani areas.

Mombasa Island – Ganjoni

4 Bedrooms house for sale in Ganjoni Mombasa @ 23.5m

Nyali Beach – Sea view office space to let

Office Block for rent in Nyali of 5,000 square feet at Kes 80 per sqft, and service charge of Kes 10 per sqft. This office space is on the 9th floor with view of the ocean. It completes in June and those renting can use time before completion of June to carry on internal sub-division or modification works.

Nyali Beach Apartments for sale

Nyali Apartments for sale 2 br @ 12m, 3 br@ 16m, and 4bedrooms 24m.

Shanzu Apartments for sale

2 Br Shanzu Apartments @ 10.5m, 3Br @ 11.9m, 4br @ 11.9m. See the Apartments, and a Video

Kisauni – off plan Apartments for sale

In Kisauni we have off plan apartments for sale from as low as 1.5m for studio apartments to 3 bedrooms apartment at Kes 5.2m. This development is a few metres from Mombasa Malindi highway. See Details

Bamburi – Apartments

We have complete apartments for occupation in Bamburi area, 2 Bedrooms units for 4.3m and 3 bedrooms units for 5.2m. See details

Bamburi – Plots

We have plots for sale in Bamburi Mombasa suitable for building rental apartments. They range in price from 2.5m to 6.5m

We have more properties on offer on our main website , Mombasa page.

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Single Story For Sale in Thika, Kiambu

Photo Link

•  single storyKES11,500,000 KES.

– 1/2 Acre property for sale in Kiambu county on Thika road. This property has ease of access to the Thika road and to Juja town. It is a secure gated community. This Thika road plot for sale is ideal for residential purposes and is close to the Juja City Mall. It is a walking distance to Uchumi supermarkets Juja and Juja stage.

It is a corner plot and hence slightly larger.

Title Deed – Free hold

Residential plot of land for sale in Juja

Property information

Single Story For Sale in Diani Beach , Coast

Photo Link

•  single storyKES250,000,000 KES.

– Executive Ocean front property for sale in Galu Beach. Real Estate investment Opportunity South of Diani. This is a free hold property for sale in Kenya South Coast. The property is being sold as is.

Land Details
– 5 Acres
– Free hold title deed
– Has very clean Sandy Beach

– South of Diani and Lantana Galu Beach
– Kenya South Coast

– Has staff houses
– A car park

Beach front executive property for sale on Galu Beach, south of Diani Beach

See the video of the property as of 20th January 2016

Property information

Lot / Land For Sale in Diani Beach , Coast

Photo Link

•  lot / landKES242,000,000 KES.

– 22 Acre land for sale on Tiwi Beach, close to Kongo River. This Oceanfront property for sale in Tiwi is North of Diani Beach and is near other key hotels such as Amani Tiwi Beach Resort among others.

The property has Sandy beach on one end and a coral cliff on the other. It is ideal for developing a resort that woudl focus on water sports including use of the Kongo river for water sports due to its close proximity.

Location Details
– North of Diani
– Will be served by the New road that will connect Shelly Beach to Diani
– Current, access is Route to BAT Tiwi cottages – that is on the left before one reaches the junction to Kwale.
– Fronts indian ocean to the North of the mouth of Kongo River and North of Diani Beach

Title Deed / Tenure
– Lease hold for 99 years from 2013

Land Features
– Ocean front is partly coral and sandy Beach
– It has mature trees

– Hotel and resorts accommodation
– Cottages, holiday homes developments

Property for sale in Kenya South Coast North of Diani Beach

Property information

2 1/2 Story For Rent/Lease in Kilimani , Nairobi

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•  4 bath, 4 bdrm 2 1/2 storyKES250,000.00 KES. Monthly

– 4 Bedrooms House for rent in Nairobi Kilimani – Riara Road. This town house for rent in Kilimani Nairobi is in a compound of six houses. All bedrooms are en-suite and it has excellent European standards finishes. The property is a double storey, has high ceilings and adequate lighting.

Key Features

– Master Bedroom has a walk-in Closet
– About 150 metres from Nakumatt junction
– Has backup inverter that supplies electricity for about 8 hours
– Has a spacious and well lit master bathroom with double sink
– The house is generously spread over three floors


Ground Floor
– 2 Spacious Bedrooms
– An informal lounge
– TV room

First Floor
– Formal lounge
– Dining
– Kitchen

Second Floor
– 2 Bedrooms with Balconies

– The buyer will pay sellers legal fees

Properties for sale in Nairobi Kenya by Nairobi Real Estates, Estate Agents in Kenya

See a video

Property information